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4 Answers to the Where to get a Maui Christmas Dinner Question?

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

Dec 16, 2016 1:32:01 PM

Christmas Dining on Maui Made Easy!

A complete Maui Christmas Dinner for the holidays with herb roasted turkey, prime rib, duck, or lamb.Are you lucky enough to spend the holiday vacationing in sunny Hawaii but wondering where to get a festive Christmas dinner on Maui for your family? Don’t worry, there are several options and you won’t even need to do the cooking for 3 of the 4 Maui Christmas dinner options! Keep reading to find out about the easiest way to enjoying a complete delicious holiday dinner in the privacy of your vacation rental.

  1. Order a Complete Christmas Dinner Feast from Chef CJ – We’ve cooked up an enticing holiday menu for you to enjoy a complete Christmas dinner on Maui WITHOUT doing the shopping and cooking yourself! Our Takeaway Holiday Feast includes everything you need! The Maui Chef’s famous holiday dinner feast includes your choice of Herb Roasted Turkey (dark and white meat), Pineapple Roast Duck, Herb Stuffed Leg of Lamb or Prime Rib for the dinner entree. In addition to a salad, your entrée is accompanied by an assortment of side dishes including a Kula Green Salad with dressing, Dinner Rolls, Homemade Mashed Potatoes & Giblet Gravy, Sauteed Vegetables and Apple Walnut Stuffing. Since no holiday dinner would be complete without a homemade pie for dessert, you’ll need to select either homemade Pumpkin Pie with fresh whipped cream or Apple Mango Pie to finish the Christmas dinner feast with. Prices are only $44 for adults and $18 for Kids. Our Christmas Dinner Feast is available for parties of 4 or more. Skip to the bottom to find out how to order a Holiday Feast from CJ’s for your family Christmas Dinner on Maui.

  2. Hire a Private Chef to Prepare Dinner on ChristmasMaui chef Jorgensen serving up herb roasted prime rib.A private chef dinner prepared on site by a personal chef is a unique experience and a great way to enjoy a holiday dinner on Maui! However, the biggest problem you’ll likely encounter is finding a chef on Maui that is not already working and able to prepare your holiday dinner. Though we aren’t offering catering services on Christmas day, take a look at our private chef dinner menus or review our DIY holiday party catering packages for ideas.

  3. Christmas Dinner at a Maui Restaurant - Are you ready to join at least fifty of your favorite strangers to enjoy a family holiday dinner together in your favorite Maui restaurant. After serving as the executive chef at several resort hotels around the world and here on Maui, I certainly appreciate what is offered for a holiday dinner at resort restaurants. But, I believe guests appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and more personal dinning experience with their family on the holiday even while celebrating Christmas vacationing on Maui in Hawaii. While I have no animosity towards resort restaurants serving a Christmas menu or anyone enjoying a fine dining experience on the holiday, I feel holidays such as Christmas should be spent with those dearest and most important to you. While it is certainly possible to make a few new friends while vacationing, in reality are going to remember the names of all those other people you were toasting with during your Christmas dinner? Save that for New YearsView Santa and his dolphin reindeer decorating Kaanapali Resort when you pick up your holiday feast at CJ's restaurant. instead and enjoy the holidays with a private dinner on Christmas! Use our Holiday Christmas Dinner Takeaway Heat and Eat Feast or consider a private chef to prepare a holiday dinner during your Maui vacation. Though our Kaanapali restaurant, CJ's Deli & Diner, will be closed on Christmas day so our employees have time to spend enjoying the holiday with their loved ones and friends, let us know if you’d like us to cater a private chef dinner for your family over the holiday period.

  4. Cook The Holiday Dinner Yourself – This has to the least desirable option if you are vacationing and celebrating the holidays on Maui. Not only will you need to buy the seasoning and shop for all the ingredients to prepare a Christmas dinner on Maui, but you’ll also need to do all the cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen or using a beach bbq. Instead of cooking, consider using our Complete Chefs to Go ‘Heat & Eat’ Holiday Feast as an option for Christmas dining in Kaanapali. Everything is included for your family to enjoy a delicious traditional Christmas dinner and the only thing necessary is to heat everything up, set the table and get everyone in from the beach to sit down together for a fantastic Christmas dinner on Maui! We even include homemade pie for dessert!Homemade apple mango pie from CJ's Maui restaurant in the Kaanapali Fairway Shops.

Convinced CJ’s Complete Takeaway Holiday Feast is the solution for your Maui Christmas dinner? Then head over to the Heat and Eat Holiday Feast menu for more details or hit the button below to place your order! All you’ll need to do is pick up your Christmas dinner in Kaanapali on Dec 24 remove the saran wrap covering and heat up the meal. Get started now:

Order CJ's Holiday Feast NOW!

And if you are looking for food for a Maui New Years Eve party, you'll love our special Takeaway New Years Party menu! Hit this link to view the menu and ordering details.

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