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A Catered Maui Wedding on a Ranch in Waikapu

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

Apr 30, 2016 10:47:01 AM

A Maui wedding couple on a bridge over a stream on Makani Olu Ranch.The Olu Makani Olu Ranch in Waikapu is a working cattle ranch and an equine center offering trail rides, youth horse camps and more. While the ranch is home to Hawaii's largest Texas Longhorn herd, in early February it was also the venue for an amazing catered Maui wedding set beside a gently flowing mountain spring.

Early in the wedding planning process the bride described the theme she was seeking as an Aloha - Country! wedding. Her vision was to celebrate her grooms Wyoming heritage and the upcountry Maui lifestyle. I couldn’t think of a better wedding location to celebrate a country wedding on Maui with lots of Aloha and plenty of room for the 75 guests attending from 4 states to share the bride and groom’s festivities on their important day! Keep reading for details with the wedding catering menu and to view photos from the wedding.

The bride kept the wedding costs near her budget by arranging for the wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. Floral centerpieces in clay pots for a Maui wedding reception with Chef CJ assisting a guest.Wedding flowers included wedding lei and whimsical clay pot center pieces with growing succulents as well as floral décor for linen covered buffet serving tables.

With the bride being the head master of the middle school at Maui Seabury Academy, where both my daughters graduated, I personally enjoyed helping the bride with wedding planning and providing the catering for this wedding. It was a pleasure to receive her complimentary emailed quotes shortly after the February wedding:

A Maui wedding cake with floral arrangements and a chocolate groomsman cake."What a glorious day it was and you were so very instrumental and helpful” 

“My heartfelt gratitude to you for the most amazing experience. There is not one thing I would change and was beyond the moon in awe of you, your staff (mahalo for that), the food and your exceptional energy and joyfulness. You are amazing! Hugs, Jacqueline!!”

The wedding reception area in the background the newlyweds cross the bridge over the stream.

Just Us 808 performing at the Maui wedding in Waikapu.Live music for the wedding reception was performed by the Just Us 808, a local Maui band. The guests enjoyed the music and the sound system was utilized by the master of ceremonies and guests to present well wishes to the newlyweds.

Reducing wedding costs, the couple supplied their own wine for the wedding reception after purchasing an amazing array of wines specially selected from Tamura. The bride prepared a description of the each wine to appear on a printed sheet at the bar to help the guests select a wine to enjoy with their catered reception dinner.

A firepit at the Makni Olu ranch for a wedding in Waikapu on Maui.75 guests attended this central Maui wedding at the Makani Olu Ranch in Waikapu. The main courses for the wedding reception dinner were cooked and served from live barbecue action stations with grills. The cooking stations featured two chefs serving guests while talking story about the delicious food.

Following the late afternoon wedding, pupus (Hawaiian word for appetizers) were served while guests mingled and the wedding photographs were captured. The appetizer service was followed by the catered wedding reception dinner service. Throughout the event, wedding guests enjoyed the large fire pit and we utilized the hot coals for our chef action stations.

A view of the Waikapu valley from the Mani Olu Ranch.

The bride and groom with the bridal bouquet and horses in the ranch pasture on Maui.The Maui Wedding Catering Menu:

Chicken Satays with
Coconut Peanut Sauce
Chef CJ’s Unique Hummus
with Crispy Pitta Chips
Seasonal Vegetables

Kula Greens with Veggies
and Miso Vinaigrette
Hot Rolls with
Macadamia Nut Butter
Pineapple Fried Rice

Huli Huli Chicken
Famous Mango Ribs
Carved Beef New York Steak
with Maui Onion Chutney
and Bearnaise Sauce
Wok Vegetables

Famous Hana Bars & Pineapple Sticks

Thinking about planning your own wedding on Maui? We’ll be happy to help. Use the above catering menu and others for ideas and inspiration. Then, whenever you are ready, get in touch with us and we’ll help you customize a wedding catering matched to your personal taste and budget. Wedding planning is included with catered events. We’re equally delighted to team with wedding providers you choose and serve as the event caterer. We also providing catering for Do It Yourself wedding on Maui and will be happy to provide as little or as much wedding planning help as you prefer. One call does it All for Maui Catering and Event Planning! No event is too big or too small! We do it all! A country wedding on Maui with the couple walking in the ranch pasture with horses.Read more about Professionally trained chef Christian Jorgensen’s background and bio or take a look at a few testimonials from guests who have enjoyed our catering services in the past along with reviews on weddingwire or other online wedding planning services.

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A bridal bouquet alongside a boot with a spur for a country wedding on Maui.And, if you aren’t ready to start planning or are still researching wedding plans in Hawaii, consider reviewing our wedding planning blog for tips and advice about planning weddings on Maui. We even share a few recipes so you may want to consider subscribing to our blog to be kept to date about our Maui catering services and our restaurant in Kaanapali.

Photos in this article supplied by Maui wedding photographerRank Baranik.The Makani Olu Ranch logo on the sign in Waikapu, Maui.

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A country wedding on Maui with a bridge and stream on a ranch.

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