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The Best Thanksgiving Dinner on Maui: We Prep It, You Heat and Eat

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

Nov 16, 2016 11:55:15 AM

Takeaway Maui Thanksgiving Turkey FeastIf you are fortunate enough to be spending the holiday vacationing on Maui, the best Thanksgiving dinner will be the one you don’t prepare and cook yourself! Skip the shopping and preparation with our Takeaway Holiday Feast! Everything is included and we even provide an instruction sheet to ensure you’ll be able to heat the oven ready foil pans to perfection regardless of using the vacation rental condo oven, a luxurious private estate gourmet oven or using a beach barbecue to heat your Thanksgiving Dinner at the beach! It doesn’t get any easier.

Don’t waste valuable vacation time cooking a Maui Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of worrying about preparing a holiday meal in a strange kitchen, spend more quality time with your loved ones on Thanksgiving without sharing your family holiday time in a crowded resort restaurant. Order our Takeaway Heat and Eat Holiday FeastA complete Maui Thanksgiving Dinner prepared by Chef Christian Jorgensen. for the most stress free family holiday dinner on Maui! Either heat the feast in your vacation rental oven or better yet, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner at the beach or at your favorite park with a beach bbq. Everything is included and the dinner is served in convenient oven ready foil pans. All you’ll need to do is Heat and Eat! Other than remembering to remove the saran wrap covering your dinner, just put everything in the oven for an unforgettable easy Thanksgiving dinner on Maui. It couldn’t get easier.

We’ve made it faster than ever to order your take away Heat and Eat Thanksgiving Dinner using our easy on-line ordering option (hit the button after the menu below). You’ll be able to quickly enter the details for your holiday feast order including the number of guests, the entrée selection and select the type of pie you’d like for dessert! The toughest part of the process is deciding between selections for the main course and side dishes. Be warned, dessert lovers in your family may fight over choosing between a traditional pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream or the chef’s legendary apple-mango pie!

Choice of Entrée
Herb Roasted Turkey (Dark & White)
Herb Roasted Prime Rib
Pineapple Glazed Ham
Rosemary Leg Of Lamb

Entrée Accompanied by
Mushroom Au Jus / Creamy Horseradish / Pineapple Cranberry-Relish

Salad and Side Dishes
Kula Green Salad
Dinner Rolls with Macadamia Nut Butter

Truffle Mashed Potatoes with Giblet-Gravy
Apple Walnut Stuffing
Seasonal Sautéed Vegetables

Pumpkin Pie or Apple Mango with Whipped Cream

Adults are only $44 per person plus tax; Keiki are only $18 each plus tax.
Minimum 4 adults per order, and two each meat.

“All Ready to heat in foil pans, remember to remove saran wrap!” Includes Instruction Sheet. Order CJ's Holiday Feast NOW!

A complete Maui holiday dinner served in ready to heat and eat oven ready pans.Order your Maui Thanksgiving Feast anytime between now and Tuesday, November 22. Place orders by using the button above or calling our Maui restaurant at 808-667-0968 and letting them know you’d like to place an order the Takeaway Holiday Feast. Or, order your Maui holiday feast using our easy online ordering option. Just hit the above button after the menu and we’ll guide your through the course selections and other details. Then, on Wednesday, Nov 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, just stop into CJ’s restaurant in Kaanapali between noon and 6 pm to pick up your complete holiday dinner. Be sure to let us know if you prefer your Thanksgiving Dinner pre-heated and ready for immediate consumption.

NOTE: To give our restaurant staff and catering team members time to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their families or friends, CJ's Deli & Diner will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, you may use the chef’s cooking hotline for advice if you need help with the Holiday Feast - just text or call the Maui Chef at 808-357-8546 with questions or if you need a recommendation for a beach bbq where you can heat up the Holiday Feast.homemade pumpkin pie for our Heat and Eat Thanksgiving Dinner on Maui.

Don’t feel like turkey or prefer to enjoy Thanksgiving with a traditional picnic lunch on Maui? Then you’ll want to use our Hana Box lunch Hana Box Lunch for a picnic on Maui. Includes use of Cooler with FREE Ice Refills.with the re-useable cooler and FREE ice refills throughout your island vacation. Just stop in each day and we’ll refill your cooler with ice to use for the day’s activities. You’ll save money on lunches and beverages along with gaining the opportunity to enjoy your favorite meals at a black sand beach, on a volcano or in a bamboo forest. Or even just lounging on your vacation rental lanai without the need to stop at the grocery or prepare food.

Dying to use that gourmet stove in your vacation rental estate or condo rental but don’t want to invest in seasonings and spices you’ll only use once or twice? Either use our private dinner service complete with a professional Maui chef preparing a gourmet meal or utilize our Chefs-to-GoThe Maui Chefs to Go prepared meal option includes everything to prepare a gourmet meal in a vacation rental or luxury estate rental. option with everything included except the chef. Along with all the seasonings needed, we also include cooking instructions along with a generous portion of side dishes to accompany your meal. Everything to quickly prepare a complete dinner by simply preparing on the stove top or placing the dinner in the oven while you enjoy a refreshing tropcial cocktail or a glass of your favorite wine before indulging in a self-prepared elegant sunset dinner on the lanai of your vacation rental patio or lanai.

Homemade apple-mango pie on Maui served ala mode style with a chocolate milkshake.Plan to enjoy a hearty breakfast in Kaanapali, or a deli sandwich for lunch or dinner when you pick up your Thanksgiving Feast for your holiday party on Maui at CJ's restaurant in Kaanapali. Although CJ's will NOT be open on Thanksgiving day, we'll be open again the day after Thanksgiving. Our Maui breakfast is available daily from 7 am to 11 pm and lunch and dinner is served between 11 am and 8 pm. Stop by before or after your Black Friday shopping to enjoy our comfort food and be sure to try one of our house made fresh fruit pies. Maybe a slice of Mango Apple pie ala mode for dessert? Don't forget, call CJ's Maui Restaurant in Kaanapali at (808)667-0968 to place an order for your family's complete Thanksgiving Feast!

If you don't take us up on our complete Thanksgiving dinner offer, treat your family to a private chef dinner on Maui anytime during your vacation. Our Maui private chef services and full service Maui catering is available island wide! Or, plan a holiday party on Maui! Start planning a wedding or other catered event on Maui! Just hit the button below and after answering a few short questions we'll supply a catering estimate along with ideas and tips: Plan a Private Chef Dinner on Maui

Remember to use the ordering buttons above to place an order for Maui Thanksgiving dinners or to request a catering quote. Please use the comments sections below to leave a comment about enjoying the Takeout Heat and Eat Holiday Dinners in the past or if you have additional questions:

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