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Maui Wedding Ideas - Bamboo Wedding Chuppahs at Beachfront Weddings

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

1/13/12 11:34 AM

Wedding Chuppahs make beautiful weddings on Maui even more elegant! Rent a bamboo wedding chuppah on Maui. Bamboo wedding chuppa are very popular at outdoor destination weddings. Most oceanfront weddings on Maui feature a chuppah. 'What are wedding chuppahs?' A wedding chuppa is a version of the classic wedding arbor, or simply a wedding arch. On Maui, wedding chuppas created from natural bamboo accent outdoor weddings. While beautiful, wedding chuppas serve purpose by providing 'structure', accomplished by effectively creating an elegant canopy where the bride, groom and wedding officiate stand during the wedding ceremony to exchange their marriage vows.

The popularity of bamboo chuppas at weddings on Maui is partly due to how easy it is to personalize the wedding arch with silk or affordable linen fabric wrapping the bamboo poles or draped from the top cross sections. Most couple personalize their wedding chuppah further and stay within their wedding budget by adding fresh tropical flowers attached to the wedding chuppah to meld perfectly with the natural beauty of oceanfront wedding locations.

Wedding reception using a wedding chuppah as a dining canopy during a wedding reception on Maui.Matching bamboo chairs complete the theme and may also be draped with fabric matching the chuppah. If a sand exchange ceremony is part of the wedding, a wedding chuppa again becomes the stage to perform the ceremony with your wedding guests watching. Once the wedding ceremony is complete, if the cake cutting or Maui wedding reception will be at the same site as the wedding, the chuppah can be repositioned first as a background for the wedding cake cutting table and again to highlight the newlyweds dining at their head table.

Though you may be travelling far from home for an island destination wedding, chuppahs provide great opportunity to add your personal touches to your wedding. Some couples adorn their wedding chuppaMaui wedding rentals include bamboo wedding chuppah for lounge after wedding ceremony. with shells personally collected a few days before the wedding. Others like to hang lanterns or small lights from the wedding chuppa. Graceful lighting is appropriate as night decends on a sunset wedding reception. Maui Wedding Tips: Use your wedding chuppahs as a lounge during the reception, pictured at right.

Wedding Chuppahs are Affordable to Decorate and Personalize:

  • Use fresh tropical flower leis, garlands, and bouquets
  • Use fresh palm branches to vertical posts of wedding chuppas
  • String shells and small prisms from wedding chuppas
  • Drape a bamboo wedding chuppas with fabric, ribbons or bows
  • String long strands small prisms among tiny white lighting
  • Personalize Maui Wedding Chuppahs with sand filled glass ornaments filled with collected shells and sand.

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