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4 Tips for a Catered Maui Barbecue!

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

2/10/12 5:20 PM

Planning a Catered Maui Barbecue? Follow these tips for a fun Maui BBQ!

  1. Choose the location for your Maui barbecue before booking accommodations – Many vacation rentals and CJs Catering barbecue party station with steak and shrimp on the bbq.private condo rentals permit use of the barbeque in the common area or a private party area. Smaller resorts will allow an outside Maui private chef. To use a Maui bbq area, many require accommodation booking to utilize the barbecue area for private parties or events. Some hotels or other accommodations on Maui provide substantial discounts for the barbecue area use when accompanying accommodations are utilized. For Maui family reunions or Maui wedding receptions, private home rentals or a private estate may offer the most affordable option for you and your guests while providing plenty of private space to accommodate an onsite Maui barbecue party. Imagine hosting your family reunion with an onsite private chef personally preparing your oceanfront catered bbq on Maui! One of our favorite locations for Maui barbecue is the Maui Eldorado Resort Cabana with a beautiful oceanfront location.
  2. Reserve Your Caterer and Location in Advance – Most Maui caterers and event professionals on Maui are booked several weeks or months in advance. Because Maui is a very popular location for family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals and other events, to get the best selection you’ll want to book as early as possible. Booking in advance ensures availability of your favorite caterer on Maui and the most popular location for an event on Maui. You’ll want to decide on the BBQ location on Maui and the caterer you want to work with as far in advance as reunion with catered Maui barbecue
  3. Be Flexible on Meat and Fish Selections - Let the Chef know your preferences for meats, shellfish and fish preparation. Then, if possible, give the chef flexibility and leeway to use the freshest fish or best meat available for the dish you want. Because fresh fish is often available, sometimes it is better to use a fresh catch rather than a specific fish. Shrimp, crab and scallops and other Put another shrip on the barbecue Maui style!seafood is usually plentiful on Maui. Specific cuts of meat is also dependent on product availability based on what has been slaughtered or shipped to Maui suppliers. Though we can usually get almost anything any time with a little notice, giving the chef the most flexibility to use fresh locally sourced available ingredients will provide the best pricing and creativity. If your mind is set on lobster, don’t worry: Australian lobster, Big Island lobsters or traditional Maine lobsters are flown in regularly if you prefer a favorite. Let us know your preferences and we’ll work with you.
  4. Supply your own alcohol to save on a catered Maui barbecue – Though we are not licensed to sell alcohol, Maui liquor laws allow you to purchase alcohol. Maui law requires use of licensed bartenders to serve alcohol at events.

Maui Eldorado Cabana Caterered Barbecue by CJs CateringCheck out the Maui barbecue menus or the bbq theme station menus. We love providing CJs catering barbecue for Maui events!

Answer a few questions about your BBQ using our short Maui barbecue event questionnaire.

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