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3 Wedding Planning Tips to Do BEFORE Planning Your Wedding on Maui

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

Sep 1, 2012 11:01:00 AM

An Outrigger El Dorado Cabana wedding on Kaanapali beach in West Maui.Are you engaged and wondering about getting married on Maui or another island destination wedding location? Since my professional catering staff at The Comfort Zone Maui Catering Services and I have planned and catered hundreds of Maui weddings since beginning the business 10 years ago, I encourage you to consider and accomplish the following three destination wedding planning tips:
  1. Determine Your Wedding Budget – Whether you are getting married on Maui or at another destination wedding venue, knowing your budget or at least a budget range for your wedding and wedding reception allows for your wedding planner and wedding service providers to stay within your budget. Setting a budget for the overall wedding, wedding reception or on a per guest basis ensures your wedding planning goes smoothly while keeping wedding costs under control and within budget. Not sure where to begin? Feel welcome to leave questions in the comments section of this Maui wedding blog or complete a short wedding planning questionnaire.
  2. Determine the Number of Guests Attending – Knowing the number of guests attending your destination wedding ensures you select a wedding location able to comfortably accommodate your wedding AND maximize your wedding budgetA destination weddingin Maui under a bamboo chuppa wedding arche.. When significant number of extra guests get added after the wedding has been planned, it is likely to add to the costs or make the wedding feel less comfortable and possibly crowded. Conversely, if the guest count for your destination wedding decreases significantly from the guest count planned for, you may have missed opportunities that may have been available to smaller weddings or even avoid wedding venue fees altogether if using the same venue where you and your wedding guests are staying.
  3. Pick a Maui Wedding Location – Once you know your wedding budget and guest count attending your wedding on Maui, choose a wedding location. You’ll have the greatest flexibility and opportunity to save money on your destination wedding when you select your Maui wedding location before deciding on the Maui wedding service providers you’ll work with and prior to booking guest accommodations on Maui. Since some wedding locations only work with their own wedding planners and because some wedding planners on Maui are limited to certain locations, when you choose your wedding location before you make other wedding plans, the rest of the wedding planning will evolve around the amenities of the specific Maui wedding location. You’ll be afforded opportunities to maximize not only your wedding budget, but also any amenities available at each unique wedding venue. For example, if you are getting married in the Maui beach wedding locations.Kaanapali resort at the Eldorado Cabana, you’ll only need one chuppah or wedding arch for the wedding ceremony. The cabana itself will serve as the location for your catered wedding reception dinner and doesn’t require additional covering for guests. If you are anticipating a larger wedding on Maui and decide on a destination wedding venue such as the Olowalu Plantation house, you’ll likely want to provide more covering from the sun or any passing trade showers. Perhaps several chuppas would be rented to serve as covering over your guests attending the wedding reception in West Maui. Follow the links for more information about planning a wedding at Outrigger Eldorado Cabana or the Olowalu Plantation House wedding venues.

If you have questions about the getting married on Maui and would like personal advice to help you plan every detail of your wedding on Maui, hit the button below. We’ll be happy to plan your wedding ceremony along with a complete catered wedding reception. Big or Small, our professional Maui catering services provide one stop Maui wedding planning:

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