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5 Affordable Maui Wedding Myths Dispelled by Recent Wedding Surveys!

Posted by Christian Jorgensen

Mar 18, 2013 6:25:00 PM

If you think a wedding on Maui will be expensive or cost more than getting married on the mainland, you may be in for a pleasant surprise and decide a Maui wedding is realistic after all! With a recent survey showing the average Survey showing average cost of getting married at $28,427.US wedding cost at over $28,000 and with weddings in Hawaii near the bottom of the list of the top 25 most costly places to get married in the United States, wouldn’t you rather spend your wedding budget on a beautiful tropical wedding on Maui? Conducted by wedding website, the recently released survey results from nearly 20,000 brides who got married in 2012 show weddings in Hawaii are near the bottom of the list of the top 25 most costly places to get married in the United States.

Dispelling Five Myths about Planning Affordable Maui Weddings:

  1. It costs more to get married in Hawaii than at home on the mainland – The survey results show Hawaii ranks near the bottom of the list of the 25 wedding locations included in the results.
  2. I’ll save money by flying to Miami instead of flying to Maui to get married – With the average cost of a wedding in Miami well over 30K, you’ll have several thousand dollars more than the average Hawaii wedding costs to use to upgrade to a tropical island wedding on Maui!
  3. It costs less to get married in Chicago than it does for getting married on Maui – With Chicago the second most expensive place in the US to get married, the average cost to get married in Hawaii is over $20k less than a Chicago wedding. I lived in the windy city many years when I first began my professional chef career. Though I met my wife in the windy city and love Chicago, a wedding on Maui will cost significantly less than getting married in Chicago.
  4. A wedding at Martha’s Vineyard will cost less than getting married in Hawaii – With the $47,000 average cost of Rhode Island weddings, will traveling to Maui from New England really cost more? At almost $20,000 less for the average cost to get married in Hawaii, an affordable Maui wedding should be considered!
  5. Getting married on Maui is more expensive than a beach wedding in Santa Barbara or Los Angeles – The survey shows the average cost of a Lost Angeles wedding at just over $35 and well over $40 for a Santa Barbara wedding - invest the wedding savings in airfare and get marriedThe 25 most expensive wedding locations in the US. in Maui! You might end up with enough savings in your wedding budget to treat your guests to a casual welcome barbecue on the beach and host a day-after wedding brunch or to pamper the bridal party with a spa day getting prepared for the wedding. Imagine spending quality time with your close friends enjoying tasty appetizers as you get your wedding hair style ready for the beach wedding.

The Average Wedding Cost of a Wedding in the United States:

  • NYC $76.5K
  • Chicago $50K
  • Rhode Island $47K
  • Santa Barbara $42K
  • LA $35K
  • San Fran $35K
  • Miami $31K
  • Hawaii $29.5K

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Convinced Affordable Maui Weddings are not a Myth? Start planning on getting married on Maui now and I'll help you plan the most affordable Hawaii wedding in your budget:

Begin Planning My Maui Wedding

Or, leave a comment below with specific questions or to share your own dispelled myth about weddings in Hawaii.

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