A Catered Family Reunion on Maui

A Maui Family Reunion with Private Chef Catering

Planning a family reunion on Maui is easy. Watch the slide show from a family reunion at a private beachfront vacation rental house in Lahaina.

  • A catered family reunion on Maui at a private estate vacation rental.
    A family reunion in Lahaina with a private chef for multiple meals or a bbq.
  • Remember to hire a professional photographer for Maui family reunions.
    A family reunion portrait shot by a professional photographer on Maui.
  • Everything is included in our Maui catered parties, including the table clothes, utensils and decorations!
    Table linens (as pictured), glasses, flatware, tables and other catering equipment are available with full service catering on Maui.
  • A Maui professional photographer captures family reunions so everyone can be in the photographs.
    Maui photographers capture your family reunion moments for a lifetime of memories.
  • A casual beachfront vacation rental on Maui is ideal for family reunions to celebrate and enjoy a tropical vacation.
    Beach front location for family reunions on Maui provide opportunity for scenic photos.
  • Professional chefs personally prepare a gourmet meal for a family reunion in Lahaina.
    Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen and full service catering team preparing a barbecue on the beach in Lahaina at a private vacation rental home.
  • A BBQ in Lahaina for a family reunion on Maui. Personal chef barbecues while you enjoy the party!
    Options for catering for a family reunion on Maui includes a private chef barbecue station in Lahaina.
  • The Lahaina White House is a casual beachfront vacation rental with an onsite kitchen to accommodate a personal chef to prepare catered family reunion menus.
    The Lahaina White House ocean front vacation rental home is an ideal location for a family reunion on Maui with a pool and bbq for catering services.
  • A catered dinner party on Maui with personal chef services includes everything for a perfect family reunion dinner celebration.
    A tropical theme table setup for a family reunion at the White House vacation rental in Lahaina West Maui.
  • Memories are made at a family reunion on Maui!
    A photo session for a family reunion in Lahaina.
  • A memorable family reunion on Maui is captured in a photograph of the family assembled at the Lahaina vacation rental home.
    A memorable family reunion photograph with family assembled on balconay of the White House vacation rental.
  • Watch more sunsets on a family reunion on Maui with private chef services.
    What could be better than watching a Maui sunset while a private chef prepares a gourmet family reunion dinner.

We Want to Make it Easy to Plan Your Maui Family Reunion

Our Maui catering services include planning for a family reunion on Maui. Family Reunion Photography by Krystle Marcellus Photography.

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