Sunseeker in South Maui - An LBGT Friendly Maui Wedding Location with a Private Garden

A South Maui Wedding Venue with Guest Accommodations

With a private garden setting and onsite guest accommodations, the Sunseeker condo in South Maui is an LBGT friendly wedding location. Just across the street from the beach and conveniently location off of South Kihei road. The Sunseeker condominiums accommodates straght accepting couples as well as being a same sex couples wedding location on Maui.

  • Chef CJ preparings a catered buffet lunch in South Maui for the Maui wedding association.
  • A same sex wedding location on Maui, the Sunseeker condos is in Kihei with an onsite cooking area for a catered bbq.
  • Guests arriving for the Maui Wedding Association catered lunch meeting.
  • Fresh garden green salads sourced from local Maui farms.
  • A variety of fresh vegetable provide natural color for the catering service.
  • Fresh baked breads on Maui catered events.
  • Create a catering theme for a complete catered buffet lunch.
  • Maui Chef Christian Jorgensen prepares the catered barbecue lunch.
  • Locally sourced farm to table vegetables for the Maui barbecue lunch at the Sunseeker condos
  • Professional Chef Christian Jorgensen cooks on-site at the Maui BBQ with steaks, chicken and more!
  • A selection of baby potatoes in the buffet catering selection.
  • Maui Chef Jorgensen serves up homemade hot soup for the guests.
  • The guests interact with the chef to get questions answered and learn about the natural local Maui ingredients.
  • Fresh tropical fruit selection on a catering tray include pineapple, papaya, mangos and more.
  • A catered lunch buffet being served at the Sunseeker Maui wedding location in South Maui.
  • Pastries and baked goods accompany the chef station for lunch.
  • The Kihei wedding venue includes a private garden for weddings and same sex weddings on Maui.
  • A wedding location on Maui with a bbq area for cooking and serving guests attending catered events.
  • Two gas barbecue grills are available for Maui catered wedding receptions and events at the Sunseeker.

Maui Catering for LBGT Weddings at the Sunseeker in South Maui

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